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Featured Products!

Greetings! We have just updated our shopping cart with new products and new photos and would like to feature some of our best sellers.  

Lashurious Lash Lengthening Treatment


This product has been our best seller and it lasts forever!  Lashurious lengthens and boosts thin, damaged lashes.  With the antioxidant rich power of Reservatrol, it strengthens your natural eyelashes while stimulating new stronger lashes.   Better yet, its an affordable alternative to Latisse.

Peptide Treatment Lotion 


This wonderful daily or 2x daily treatment is filled with essential oils that 
incorporates peptides which reduce deep wrinkles and thicken the skin by promoting collagen renewal.  You will love it!  

Advanced Protection SPF 30 (4 oz)


As winter winds down we welcome the arrival of longer days.  But beware as the sun becomes hotter, we must take special care of our skin.  I recommend using our Advanced SPF 30 Protection not only on your face and shoulders, but on your hands and forearms.  Don't forget, Apply at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure.